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All About Spain - Information about cities and regions in Spain, Accomodations and Travel Services, Culture, and a Photo Tour

About Spanish - A good site for students to visit for homework help, grammar information, and other info about Spanish.

Ideal Spain - Information about castles, museums,airports, and schools.  A-Z of places & Tourist offices, Geography of Spain with Maps
Maps, regions and facts.  Nautical Spain Ports, marinas, boats, adverts.  A full guide with flight info.  History and Media in Spain
Radio and TV on line, magazines and newspapers. - The online guide to Mexico - Accommodations, Activities, Business, City Guides, Culture, FAQs, Feature Stories, Food & Beverage, General Info, History,
Holidays, Maps, Real Estate, Schools, Shopping, and Travel in Mexico.

MadridMan's Yankee Home Page - Lots of useful information if you're planning a trip to Madrid or other destinations in Spain. Travel through this website, listen to the live radio
stations from Madrid and watch live Spanish television, look at Madrid & Spain photos, and please do visit the information-packed MadridMan's ALL SPAIN Message Board.

Spain info - Information about Spain and practical information about traveling in Spain and weather information.

Best Spanish websites  - A collection of many different websites for Spanish students - - For vocabulary and games to review - For vocabulary audio review and grammar note s - Flashcards to help you review vocabulary - Various topics with exercises for review - Spanish language and culture notes - Spanish language review games and grammar - To conjugate any verb in Spanish - you can find some free resources here - a fun site with connections to Vocabulary

Textbook connection - textbook activities and quizzes

Christmas in Spain

Online quizzes

Christmas in Mexico