Chapter 7 Vocabulary


a (ab)  -   from/ away from/ by

ad  -   to/ towards/ near

ante  -   before

cum  -   with

de  -   down from/ concerning/ from

e (ex)  -  out of/ from

in  -  in on; into/ against

per  -  through/ by/ by means of

post  -  after/ behind

sub  -  under/ up to/ close to

trans  -  across

appello  -  I call

convoco  -  I call together/ I assemble/  I summon

exspecto  -  I await/ I wait for

habito  -  I live/ I dwell

laboro  -  I labor/ I suffer/ I am hard pressed

narro  -  I tell/ I relate

nuntio  -  I announce/ I report

supero  -  I surpass/ I defeat

volo  -  I fly

vulnero  -  I wound