Latin 1

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Date Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
August 27 -
August 31
No class
Syllabus signed
No class Set up notebook
Map worksheet
No class
September 3 -
September 7
School closed
Cover book
Vocabulary wordsearch
No class Vocabulary worksheet
Decline Vita
No class
September 10 -
September 14
Magic square chapter 1
No class Vocabulary quiz
Case practice - worksheet
No class Grammar Quiz
Map worksheet
September 17 -
September 21
School closed No class Reivew for test worksheet
No class School closed - parent conferences
September 24 -
September 28
Chapter 1 test
Chapter 2 wordsearch
No class School closed Chapter 2 crossword
No class
October 1 -
October 5
Greek or Trojan
Vocabulary quiz
No class Verb practice sheet 2
Verb quiz 1
No class Translation practice
Verb quiz 2
October 8 -
October 12
No class Review worksheet for test
No class Chapter 2 test
Chapter 3 wordsearch
No class
October 15 -
October 19
Chapter 3 practice 1
No class Roman house webquest
Roman house worksheets
Vocabulary quiz chap. 3
No class School closed
October 22 -
October 26
Chapter 3 verb practice quiz
No class Grammar quiz
Review worksheet
No class Chapter 3 test with house
Chapter 4 vocabulary
October 29 -
November 2
No class worksheet second declension nouns #1
No class worksheet second declension nouns #1
Chapter 4 vocabulary quiz
End of 1st quarter
No class

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                              Online Latin Dictionary
                               Chapter 1
                               Chapter 2
                               Chapter 3
                               Chapter 4
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LATIN Number Math 1 - 20
Latin numbers up to 1000
Roman Numerals II
Numubers: Ecce Ch. 15
Roman Calendar Dates
Greetings Dialogue
HC Classroom Latin
Roman Emperors
Roman History
The Rise and Decline of Rome

Spellmaster Latin conversation
Spellmaster Latin numbers
Spellmaster Latin adjectives
Spellmaster Roman numerals
Spellmasnter Days and Months
Spellmaster Latin school

Flashcard games Latin conversation
Flashcard games Latin numbers 1-30

Flashcard games Latin numbers
Flashcard games Latin adjectives
Flashcard games Roman numerals
Flashcard games Latin school
Flashcard games Days and months

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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Chapter 7
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Chapter 9
Chapter 10
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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Chapter 7
Chapter 8
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Chapter 10
Chapter 11
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