a WebQuest for beginning German language classes


Your expertise is needed immediately!  You are a member of a a team of experts who want to increase tourism to your Bundesland (state).  You want to create a map, suggest places to visit and things to do, name special features of the land (terrain, transportation, etc.), and include the weather, and food specialties.  After collecting all the information you will present your findings to the Tourism Committee for evaluation.


The Task
As a result of this project you should have an understanding of the geography, history, economy, and additional cultural aspects of each Bundesland.  Your team will create a tourist brochure for your Bundesland.  The logo and a slogan are optional for bonus points.


Traditional print sources:
Encyclopedias, Books, Travel guides, Travel magazines


ExciteTravel     This site allows you to search over 5,000 destinations.
Travlang           This site contains exchange rates, translating dictionaries, language expressions, hotels.


The Process
1.  Choose a role and research your Bundesland:

Cartographer - You will create a topographical map of your Bundesland featuring cities, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, etc.  Label the content area in German (ie. der Rhein=Fluss)
Historian - You will find the points of interest and provide an overview and significance of each point of interest. You will create a time line or a flow chart and provide pictures when available.  Label the item by category (ie. das Bachhaus=ein Museum).

Travel Guide - You will provide information about celebrations, the industry, products, and food specialties of the region.  You will design a visual aid in German showing a three day weather forecast that will include the date, weather expressions, and activities that can be done those three days.  Label images/symbols (ie.the clouds=die Wolke).

2.  Meet with your group and organize what you want to include in your brochure.   Don't forget a logo and slogan for bonus points.

3.  Presentation before the Tourism Committee (the class).



Product Evaluation

Rubric for the map, timeline/flowchart, and weather forecast
 Beginning - 1
 Developing - 2
 Accomplished - 3
 Exemplary - 4

1.  Contains appropriate images/symbols           
2.  Demontrates good visual movement.          
3.  Uses a variety of shapes, colors, images to create maximum visual interest.          
4.  Craftsmanship is clean and neatly done.          
5.  Contains appropriatlabels in German.          

Group evaluation
Product evaluation:  Cartographer, Historian, Travel Guide
Logo and Slogan, 10 bonus points


By doing this exercise, you have learned more about Germany.  What state do you think would you like to visit?  What towns did you find interesting?  Are there particular activities you especially would like to do?