Das Haus

          You will create some type of display of your ideal house.  Your house must have at least six rooms labeled in German and at least five objects labeled in German in each room, each room must have different items labeled, no repeats!

This part of your project will be worth 35 points.

          You will also be sharing your design with the class identifying the rooms in German and 2-3 items in each room in German.  You will receive 15 points for your presentation.

 Due March 21 or 22 whichever day you have class.

Das Haus - Grade sheet

Part one - House design 35 points

Did I include 6 different rooms? 5 pts                                                                             ________  

Do I have 5 things identified and labeled correctly

in German in each rooms?  25 pts                                                                                     ________  

Is my house design neatly done?  5 pts                                                                             ________


Part two - oral presentation 15 points

Did I outline what rooms are in my house? 5 pts                                                      _________

Am I using correct pronunication during my presentation? 10 pts                            _________