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Tennessee Bob's French links - A multitude of links on French, France, and anything French related. -

Best French websites - A collections of websites for French students -

France Gate - A portal to the French internet. Tourism - Leisure - Entertainment ,Museums, Monuments, Hotels, Cinema, Spectacles, Maps Everyday Life - Education, Job Search,
Education, Administration, Transportation, Cities, Associations Finance - Business - Economy - Politics Markets, News, Investments, Banks, Brokers, Insurance, Companies
Index News - Media - Advertising Newspaper, TV Channels, Press Agencies, Communication agencies Search Engines, Ressources, Culture - Tradition - History - Religion>
Litterature, Events, History, Esotericism, Agriculture Fashion - Gastronomy
Designers, Restaurants, Bars, Recipes, Food, Wine Online Shopping Books, CD, CD-Roms, Food, Video, Electronics, Computers

Bonjour Paris! - A site for news and information about France. - Guide to France - The online French connection - the site to learn French! - French vocabulary lists with audio and grammar info - online and interactive exercises to help you or your pupils make solid progress in mastering the key vocabulary, language and grammar topics covered. - French games online and worksheet for practice - Learn French online: Games, activities and songs! - more online games for learning French - For vocabulary and grammar reviews - for vocabulary and games to review - for brief grammar review


Textbook connections - testbook activities and quizzes

Christmas in France

Christmas interests -

Christmas songs -

Christmas recipes -

Christmas cards -

Christmas stories -

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