Students will work individually to research monuments, tourist attractions, museums, churches, squares and other points of interest in Paris. They will select of their choice about Paris. They will use the Internet to research their topic. In this process, they will  do a web search, to multitask, annotate and cite resources, incorporate photos, images, maps into a text, and learn how to do a PowerPoint presentation. They will produce a series of slides to present their topics to the class, with a printed hand-out outling the major points of their presentation. They will also produce a well written and organized paper with bibliography to be given to the teacher.


These resources have been provided for additional help. Students may use information from other sources as well (books,encyclopedias, magazines), but the primary information source should be the Internet sites.

Paris User Guide

Destination Paris

Epicurious Travel (Do a Search for Paris) files/paris/sights.html #views

Paris Attractions

Paris Map Guide To Sites

Paris Top Attractions

Ete's Guide to Paris

The Paris Pages


To accomplish this task you should do the following.

Choose a topic.  
Complete the research needed by beginning with the helpful sites in the list under the Resource section of this Web Quest.
As you proceed with your research, you will produce a bibliography slide where you will include site addresses, titles, authors and dates of publication for both information gathered and photos/images used.
You will create a minumum of seven slides to help you present your topic to the class. All information must be in your own words!!! You may include a brief description, history, location, significant events/ people/ painting/ statues/ dates, pictures, drawings, designs, maps or anything else relevant to your topic.
After having gathered and synthesized your facts, added visuals, and completed your bibliography, you will make your PowerPoint presentation .You will also hand in your final written presentation with bibliography to the teacher.


You will have gained in-depth knowledge about Parisian monuments, tourist attractions, museums, churches, and other points of interest which will complement our study of Paris.
You will have learned how to use the Internet for relevant information, how to multitask, annotate and cite your sources.
You will have processed the information you have found into a presentation that is well researched, well written, well organized and in your own voice.
You will have learned to process, select and present material in an electronic format which has a professional look with an overall graphic theme that appeals to the audience and compliments the topic.