La Famille
     You need to design a family tree (real or imaginary).  It must go back 3 generations.  It must include parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, an aunt and uncle, and cousins.
     On the family tree “poster” you must write names, relationship to you, birthdates, and ages.  The names can be real or imaginary.  Pictures of the “people” must be included on the visual.
     Once your family tree is completed, you need to pick three of the people on it to describe in detail.  You should have one good paragraph for each person.  Describe what they look like, what they like to do and don’t like to do, what they do each day, etc...
 You will present your family trees to the class in French.  You should be able to answer questions about your family tree.  The complete project is worth 100 points.
25 for the tree, 30 for the presentation, and 45 for the paragraphs.  This project is due ____________________  
La Famille – Checkoff and grade sheet
Did I describe the relationship between people? 10    __________
Did I mention something about them? 5     __________
Did I read my paragraph describing one person? 5    __________
How was my pronounciation/grammar? 10     __________ __________/30
Did I write names? 5        __________
Did I write birthdates? 5       __________
Did I write ages? 5        __________
Is it neatly done? 5        __________
Did I include pictures? 5       __________ __________/25
Did I describe 3 people? 5       __________
Did I include what they look like? 10      __________
Did I include what they like to do? 10      __________
Did I include what they don’t like to do? 10     __________
Did I include what they do each day? 10     __________ __________/45
Total            __________/100