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  This quarter we will be studying French

Date Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
November 2 -
November 6
Finish venn diagram French speaking country webquest French speaking country webquest
November 9 -
November 13
French speaking country webquest
Present webquests Conversation wordsearch Conversation crossword none
November 16 -
November 20
Conversation worksheet study for quiz Conversation quiz

November 23 -
November 27
No class Paris webquest on classroom
no homework

November  30-
December 4
Classroom object wordsearch
Classroom object magic square
Classroom object location worksheet
Classroom object quiz
Number worksheet
December 7 -
December 11
Number worksheet
Number worksheet Number quiz
Date worksheet
December 14 -
December 18
Date magic square
Date worksheet
Date quiz
Family worksheet
Family worksheet
December 21 -
December 25
Begin planning family tree project
holiday webquest or
noel webquest

January 4 -
January 8
Family magic square Family crossword Family worksheet Study for quiz on Family vocab None
Family vocab quiz
January 11 -
January 15
Projects Map of France worksheet Projects Projects Family tree projects due
Present family trees
January 18 -
January 22

None None
End of 2nd quarter

Home and school connections

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1st quarter calendar




class vocabulary

numbers 0-30

French class expressions

                                                   www.wordreference.com - online dictionary

Upcoming tests and quizzes -  

Check the homework calendar for the dates and topics in red.

Upcoming projects -   

French family tree - click here for details.

My quia website 

Click here to log into your account for quizzes - http://www.quia.com/web/studentZoneBegin.html

Online practice activities -   

 Conversation Games

French Conversation games -1
French Conversation games -2
French Conversation games -5 kinds
French Conversation games Crossword
French conversation games - select one

Trashcan game - formal/informal/both

French conversation games - slot machine vocab review
Teacher invaders

Classroom objects

French class vocabulary - select one games

French class objects games - 5 kinds
French class objects - slot machine review

Classroom expressions

French expressions - games
Class expressions games - select one
Class expressions - slot machine review

Numbers 1-30

French number quiz
French number games
French number slot machine review
French number games  - select one

French number quiz

Wall wisher - Click this link to go to my page to answer and make comments in French for extra credit!


Online practice quizzes -  

A online webquest -    

La Tour Eiffel


If you have any questions please feel free to email me at