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Learn more Spanish 
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  This quarter we will be studying Spanish

Date Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
el 12 de abril -
el 16 de abril
no school Name worksheet
conversation wordsearch Conversation magic square none
el 18 de abril -
el 22 de abril
Spanish country webquest
Conversation quiz
Draw a classroom
Classroom object wordsearch
el 25 de abril -
el 29 de abril
Classroom object crossword
Describe a classroom
Classroom object quiz
Number worksheet
number worksheet
el 2 de mayo-
el 6 de mayo
Study for number quiz
Number quiz
Draw classroom commands
Classroom commands worksheet
Months worksheet
el 9 de mayo -
el 13 de mayo
Date crossword
Date worksheet
Quiz on Date
Draw an activity you would do in different seasons
Weather worksheet
el 16 de mayo -
el 20 de mayo
Study for quiz on weather
Weather quiz
number worksheet 1-100
Number worksheet
Time worksheet
el 23 de mayo -
el 27 de mayo
Time worksheet
Time quiz
Start thinking about project
Food worksheet
Food worksheet
el 30 de mayo -
el 3 de junio
no school
Table setting worksheet
Vegetable worksheet
Magic square
el 6 de junio -
el 10 de junio
Plan skit
Plan skit
Plan skit
el 13 de junio -
el 17+ de junio
Project Project Project
skit outline
present your restaurant skit
Food quiz

What did you like best about FLEX this year?  Write about what you have learned.  Will you sign up to take a language?  Which one?

Name in Japanese

Games in Japanese

Japanese activities

Review quiz

Japanese activities

Last day of school!  Enjoy your break and hope to see you in a language class next year!

Home and school connections

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1st quarter calendar

2nd Quarter calendar

3rd quarter calendar

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Zondle class code - 31907-72519 - Click here to enter the code after you sign up for an account

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Conversation vocabulary
Class vocabulary
Numbers 1-30
Classroom expressions

Upcoming tests and quizzes -     

None at this time

Upcoming projects -   

For the end of the year students will be doing restaurant skits - yes they will be able to bring in their own "props"
Food glossary
More food vocabulary with pronounciation
More food vocabulary
Food vocabulary sorted into sections

My quia website 

Click here to log into your account for quizzes - http://www.quia.com/web/studentZoneBegin.html

Online practice activities -   


Beginning of the year activities   

Spanish expression crossword
Spanish exp match  

Conversation game
Conversation flashcards

Classroom object games

Classroom objects game
Spellmaster games
Classroom object games

Spanish review challenge board
Spanish review rags to riches


Number classtools game
Number spellmaster games

Classroom expressions

Expressions classtools games
Expressions spellmaster games

Color games

Basic quia games
Rags to riches
Learn and play game

Weather games

Basic quia games
Columns matching
Jumbled words
Rags to riches
Spellmaster games
Classtools games
Scatter game
Space race

Date games

Time games

Quia basic
Telling time pop ups
Telling time colums matching
Rags to riches Time
Challenge board - time
Learn and play games
time quiz
Time spellmaster

Food games

Learn and play games
Fruits and vegetables
La comida classtools games
La comida spellmaster games

Some online webquests - for extra credit   

Spanish food webquest

Read about Tapas choose a recipe make it with your parents have them sign off on it and earn extra credit!


If you have any questions please feel free to email me at