Building the Eiffel Tower:  A Picture Poem  

 The Eiffel Tower is truly an icon.  When people see it, they instantly think of Paris, of France, of fine wines, fine dining and romance.  What do you think of when you see the Eiffel Tower?  
 Today you are going to explore France--its people, places, history and culture.  You'll visit Paris, learn about French cuisine, see famous paintings.  Then you'll put all your ideas together into one image that represents France best--the Eiffel Tower!  
 Visit as many of the websites below as you can.  Jot down names, words or phrases (in French, not English!) that describe France.  How many words words or phrases do you need?  That depends.  Read the Evaluation section below.

 daily life:  

 everything and anything French:  

 When you've finished exploring, take an 11x14 sheet of paper and draw the Eiffel Tower.  For the outline of your tower, don't use lines, use words (the names, words and phrases you gathered from your web searches), thus creating a picture poem.

Need help with your drawing?  
 Your picture poem will be graded as follows:
     Artistic effort - 5 points                             __________
     (Did you put time into it, or just draw it during your lunch hour?!)
     Evidence of research - 5 points                   __________
     (Does your poem include a variety of names of people, places, and culture-related items,        or did you just copy a bunch of French words from the book?!)
     25+ words or phrases - 20 points                 __________
     20-24 words or phrases - 15 points              __________
     15-19 words or phrases - 12 points              __________

     TOTAL (30 points possible)                       __________  
Divided by 3 so a total of 10 extra credit points

 As you can see, there is so much to discover when you begin to study France, its people, its history, and its culture.  Think of it as the thousands of parts (18,038 to be exact) that went into the building of the Eiffel Tower!
Your journey of discovery has just begun!